I do agree that the popular notion of reincarnation is of no use on this physical plane,other than to help keep the herd in line (DUMB) however i was also stating another angle at which to approach. That angle being what i percieve to be obvious, that atomically we all sort of recycle. This is in no way to say that any memory is retained at a higher level than possibly cellular. On an extremely small scale.

Your feces, urine, skin cells, fingernail parings, and hair clippings are not "you".

These are shed by your body regularly.

So what?

That is not "survival" in any way, shape, or form.

Reincarnation is offered as a means to somehow suggest your survival.

Recyling trash and "cellular memories" are useless if your memories are wiped out.

And you can take this to any "plane" you want to.

If your memories are gone, you are not there anymore.

If you doubt this, just ask a victim of senile dementia.

But be prepared for the victim to break into weeping if he can even grasp what you have just asked him.

Reincarnation is identical to your self-destruction.

It sounds good unless you look at exactly what it really is.

For the individual, it is nothing.

And, my friend, something is alway better than nothing when it comes to trying to survive!

Just my opinion. wink