The non-joiner argument.

Not joining the Church of Satan because you feel no desire or need is fine and you can easily use the principles of Satanism without joining.

The issue is that organizations and institutions are unavoidable in human existence. You will be employed by a company and like it or not that company will have an image or reputation that may or may not be ideal to you. Of course a company pays for your time while an organization like the CoS you have to pay for membership (one lump sum for lifetime membership). But both do offer you personal benefits, be they physical (money) or mental (pride).

I have been a member of many organizations, all of which I am very proud of. The Marine Corps, engineering school, IEEE, The American Legion, a few gun clubs, International Krav Maga Federation and other Krav Maga studios, and a few other organizations and companies. They have all provided me certain benefits that I gained greatly from even if I happened to move on.

Some of these organizations did not share my personal agendas or ideals. The American Legion stands firm in its belief in Christian values yet offers many benefits to military veterans. The Marine Corps is a very collective organization where the Corps comes first ("Corps, Country, and God" was their saying). However, the Corps taught me many valuable things and paid for me to travel and blow stuff up.

The Church of Satan, in my opinion, is set on a higher level of benefit to me than all those other organizations. It is my core principles and my inner fire that drives me. All the others were attachments of improvement, not the foundation of my essences.
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"At last I shall have time to devote myself seriously and freely to the destruction of all my former opinions." ~Descartes

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