The truth is that i haven't discussed it thoroughly with my wife. (avoiding;insecure? not so much)

I grew up at a very young age as i am still quite a young man(31), so decision making comes very easy, not always so quickly. Depending on the stakes of course.

I've always been who I am, so "SATANIST" is what others call it. I actually grew up in a Jehovah Witness household til about 11 when my family broke up. My father was actually an elder. He also acted as a Ministerial Servant within his organization. So you could say I was privy to insider info just because of him. I noticed pretty much right away it was bullshit. Something to do with prayer NOT working. But, i was also expected to do things like speak in front of large congregations at a young age. I was 5 when i gave my first public talk.... (the stage was powerful, i liked that part)

So as Diciplin stated, yes, I also understand the value of taking from organizations. Like the kid in "A Bronx Tale" (Robert DeNiro, Chaz Palmonteri), i sort of got two educations one from school, and one from the street.

The initial thread was about something entirely different. But as i have had happen more times than not, the Ladies and Gentlemen who run this site bring the knowledge that you just cant find in any other group. Where usually' there is only one or two stars and everyone else is the back up cast or extras.
"Morality" It's a fickle thing, little thing,little thing. Depends on WHO, is your king, IS your king. -Fred A. Padilla-