On the question of reincarnation I remain a non-believer. The life I enjoy after death will not (in my opinion) be unlike the one I enjoyed prior to conception. I've heard (and read in this thread) the term "everything goes black" when referring to death, especially from those who have no vision of the afterlife. No, it doesn't go black - to recognise "black" one has to have some form of consciousness, which, being dead, one won't have. Death to me is a total cessation. If I'm lucky I will never know I'm dead, nor miss my loved ones, nor harbour regrets. In death, time ceases (and possibly only in death).

I do, however, have another theory, based on personal experience:

A couple of years ago I went to Tangiers, which for those who have never been is a shambolic hell-hole of a place. On approaching one of the markets there I experienced the most vivid deja vu experiences of my life, and this was entirely driven by smell. The smell of the spices, dead chickens and general waste heightened my senses like never before - I had been there in the past. Except I never had. Later, whilst walking around the town, I became sure that I knew just what was around the next corner. I was right, insofar as I expected more of the same and got it, but my familiarity with the place seemed uncanny.

Last year, I was eating in a restaurant in Marbella in Spain and I ate something I've never tried before. The flavour triggered the same memories, and they were so vivid that tears streamed down my face. My son, Warlock Dencappo was present at the time and will confirm the truth of what I say. This is an embarrassing confession as it was all a bit odd at the time, and everyone (including me) was worried I'd lost the plot.

No I don't believe in past lives, but did I experience some form of Genetic Memory, the same thing that enables the offspring of a bird to fly unaccompanied to the same tree it's parent landed on, half way around the world?

My father was stationed in Egypt during his National Service in the 50's and my grandfather was an officer in the royal Navy during both wars and was extraordinarily well travelled. No doubt many of my ancestors got around a bit. Has anyone passed on this particular group of memories in the same way my short temper, love of books and film star looks have been passed on?

I'm just saying...
Hail Satan!

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-William Makepeace Thackeray, from The Social Pipe