When I view my own profile I see a UBB buddy list of people who have added me. I see 3. 1 - I think highly of, 1 - I've spoken with one time answering a question they had(banned), and the other; well I have no idea who this person is(banned).

Is there anyway I could rid my profile of these 2 banned profiles? It's just kinda tacky these idiots added me to begin with, and left there mark on my profile. mad
"To be born into this world a sentient, self-conscious and reasoning being, surrounded by inexhaustible glories in Nature, which we may comprehend, possess,enjoy; to be able to rise on the wings of a lofty imagination; to be able to get glimpses of the ideally perfect; to apprehend the Divine; it is to the development and enjoyment of these high powers that the young man is invited. How dare he refuse to qualify himself by the most perfect training of all his powers." Lyman J. Gage 1910

"Follow Me!", John M. (Delta).

"I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think." Something Magistra Isabel posted. laugh