March 29, 2009
For Immediate Release

Former BOLT THROWER/BENEDICTION Frontman David Ingram Discusses His ‘Satanic Epiphany’

An extensive, career-spanning interview with legendary Death Metal vocalist David Ingram (Bolt Thrower/ Benediction/Downlord), conducted by music writer Joel Gausten, has been posted online at In addition to discussing his musical history and current work as an Internet radio show host, Ingram speaks openly about his active participation in the Church of Satan, which he joined in 2007.

Gausten, himself a Satanist and longtime member of the Church of Satan, recently published “Words From The Third Side: Essays on Sex, Satan & Success,” an autobiographical tale detailing his experiences as a member of the Church as well as memorable run-ins with members of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, The Germs, The Misfits, Black Sabbath and many others. The book is available for purchase at
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