from the horses mouth sorry about that

since i cant afford so never will have a card from Church of Satan with privilages such as letting me enter other locked forums (hidden). i reserve the right to be a non card hold member with no privilages.

because i admire Church of Satan i request to understand the development of a passage in my satanic book satans bible.

cant recall where it is but its destroy the weak mind. hope fully i can gain enough identical ideas here to add to my essay. id respect any and all your view on my concern to understand more.

my essays title is the concept of sin in the bible and books

but you can call it shit for know if you so choose.

its so far on the 8th page and in admiration of cos id like to add an area or two treating it as high regard.

so as to say the blue pill might be an arguement

nights templer didnt want judgement day so i excepted, they prefered measurement and the internet timed it. because both were boring to me, so thats why i want to be around them. there mene though, so a protocal (mean) uses my passward paycheck to locate cactus jack speaking for me. {shit hole wwf} and another protocall to get juice from it is being produced. in an agreement to be admirable 3:37 am today. bullfrog gives leanounsy for any of my computers to have control of all robot armies and all my websites can be back up. this weekend during war we need to study and learn with our own people cos we need to approach in an admirable way because all bullshit aside we cos pain in you! because evil has to be fed on lust not ego the ones in witchcraft while finding love is admirable god head is not allowed. one billion religious people admire providing many forms of guidence one since the mid evil day was to gain on going support (controlled(admirable nothingness) on my light switch (by computers)) for it is said in Church of Satan destroy the weak mind so i ask why make things in life easy.

and yes the athiest pillar of faith being correctness and grammer is in the essay somewhere. so stab at er i suspect is in order.

im not really searching for a debate but test this test that i understand. though if you push my buttons ill get banned so i hope your kind. id like to add intelagent design perhaps if the price is right.

if you wish to call this manipulation or hopefully a witchcraft spell enjoy.

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