I am new on this forum and I sincerely apologize if I posted this in wrong section of forum - I am still just reading and trying to catch all Rules and Forum List.

Anyway, I was directed via CoS web page to this interesting blog, which, I guess, shows that side of spiritual religion which everyone fear to mention - full of contradictory. I come from country where, as well as in whole world, traditional doctrines (polytheism) are wrapped in new "learning’s" of monotheism and where Orthodox Church (Eastern, from Constantinople to be precise) is dominant. I red some articles presented on this particular blog, which are, on the other side, from western monotheism, so I wanted to contribute to this blog with most infamous and worst side of eccentrics in Eastern Orthodox Church on my soil. I am currently translating it and I just wanted to ask, and cut this short, who can I send this translation to, so he can, if everything is well, post on the blog (I saw, on CoS wep page, Priestess Magda Graham name mentioned, concerning this page, but so far I couldn’t find her on this forum to PM) ?

Thank you very much!
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