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I'm not sure that even if there were gain/loss involved, that would be enough to say there was a "Satanic solution". Satanism doesn't justify doing things that are morally wrong.

I was always under the impression that Satanism did not recognize the concept of “morality” as a legitimate principle with which to be concerned with (aside from considering other people’s flaw perceptions about it, of course).

As I understand it, the emphasis in Satanic philosophy is on a logic, practicality (both short term and long-term) and rational selfish interest.

Of course, this in no way negates the possibility of acting in what would otherwise be considered a “moral” way, but the motivation is not to do it because “it is right” or because “you're supposed to”; but because it works.

I not only see the concept of morality as irrational, but potentially dangerous because of its highly subjective and emotional nature. History has shown that humans can justify anything under the guise of “doing the right thing”.

I think it’s best to just throw out any concepts of right and wrong and only concern ourselves with more practical motives.

If it can’t be justified by logic, then it's obviously flawed, anyway. Best to just go straight for the logical or selfish motivation and cut through any irrelevant moral justification.

Regardless of how many people agree on it, morality is just an opinion. As Satanists, I think we can find better reasons for anything we do besides the tired old argument of “because it’s right”.

I just wrote all of this and now I see that HellofallHells has just literally stated the exact opposite!

I’m going to post it up anyway, because I think my argument has merit. cool

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