No, of course not.

I am certainly not trying to excuse irresponsible behavior under the guise of philosophy. If you think thatís what Iíve been trying to do here, then youíre missing my point.

However, I do think there are more practical reasons for being responsible. If there werenít, then it would be pointless.

Basically, it seems to me that practicality should dictate principle and not the other way around.

My problem with terms like morality, ethics etc. is that I see them as nothing more than good guy badge terminology. And because, as has been pointed out before, they are so subjective and can lead to very responsible behavior, I think itís a bit impractical to use them or even think about things that way.

If an action has a desirable outcome, then youíre doing it for a practical purpose and if not, whatís the point? If thereís no desirable outcome on any level, then wouldnít it be stupid to take such action?

Isnít the reason that Satanism advocates ďresponsibility for the responsibleĒ because it works and it makes sense? Whatís the point of something like morality when you have practicality and logic?

I just donít see the point of these concepts and I feel they do more harm than good. I think that they distract from what people should be really focused on. And provide an ďoutĒ or excuse irresponsible behavior.

I'll fully admit that I'm kind of bias against this terminology and perhaps it does have some merit. I donít see why intelligent people should need a concept like morality to keep them in line when there are obvious practical consequences for oneís actions.

For the reasons above, I get a little bit annoyed about those ideas.
I apologize if Iíve offended anyone.