I haven't missed your point, but perhaps you've missed mine.

Carrying out your responsibility, being autonomous, and being careful not to act hypocritically, may often carry with them advantages.

However, those advantages aren't what make them the right things to do. Often, those advantages aren't present. Even in those cases, they're still binding.

They're just the right things to do, period.

Not because anyone thinks they're right. (Many people spend much of their lives trying to finesse them away.) Not because you get a good feeling from doing them. Not because God says they're right, and not because you just decided they're right. Not because you get benefits from them, or suffer no losses, because sometimes that's the case, but often it isn't.

I appreciate my way of expressing myself might not be how anyone else prefers to think about these issues. The point is, in Satanism, there's such a thing as "responsibility", and if you have a responsibility, you have to carry it regardless of whether there's something in it for you; because if you don't, you are not one of "the responsible", not deserving of any responsibility.