I purchased this exceptional CD (2 of them, in fact) from the site "CDBaby."

Since it was my first encounter with Classical Guitar (other than "Classical Gas"), I had no idea what to expect.

I love the Warlock's work. It is, what?, at the same time soothing and invigorating to the mind. Excellent for Ritual.

I bought the second copy for a young Guitarist friend. His response to the title was a bit less than enthusiastic, "I don't know if 'herself' will appreciate this being in the house." (his "live-in" is a sheeple.) After listening, his response was but two words, "F***ing awesome." Then, "Does he have more?"

Great work, Warlock!!!!
"Churches may close and old shepherds may die, but the herd will always be the herd."
Reverend Bill