Good Morning...
I placed an order 6/22/09 and sent out a Western Union payment days after. I check regularly and still see it in a status of 'pending payment'. I'm certain that the Emporium should have received it by now...I guess I'm wondering if there is only certain times in a month that payments are collected / deposited?

My order info is as follows:
Order Number EMP200906221. I apologize if I appear to be impatient, I know the order will be complete sooner than later, but am excited. I chose the medallion straight from the Emporium for numerous reasons...quality being top of the list. I plan to order various other items and am hoping I can save for the wall plaque before they're all gone!! I was saddened to read that post from Coffinrust specifying the retiring of said art.

Thanks for your attention.
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