Its official release is just around the corner actually. I have one last small bug to squash and then it is code stable. I have a little design work to do in the control panel area but I more than likely will release it before I finish that since it is just cosmetic.

This feature will be available to all members of the Undercroft, Vip and non-Vip alike. It has been a life long dream of mine and you can read about it in the description section when it is released.

This feature will be a one time "paid" feature and you will own your unique registration number and barcode for life. The reason I am making this a paid feature is the funds from this feature will go towards getting my new "SSE" feature coded which will be a free feature on the undercroft and will let you use those undercroft points for something really really cool!!!! Trust me, SSE will become addicting and everyone will find it so fun they will not leave the undercroft even to eat or sleep! smile but it is going to be expensive as it is a massive feature!

So as long as everything goes well, the SRN feature should be released within the next day or so and then I start designing the layout for the SSE feature!

From Hell,

Magister Frost

We're all around you, are you one of Us?
- The Church of Satan Emporium