Just uploaded an all new set of CoS Emporium Auctions for your enjoyment!

Some extremely rare and now unique items including:

- A crisp 36" cloth Baphomet Banner
- A crisp 48" cloth Baphomet Banner
- The LAST Might is Right Softcover Book
- the LAST Black ToV Winged Skull T-shirt
- HKP Baphomet Medallion in Red
- The Last Cloven Hoof Issue 129
- The LAST Satanism Today Audio CD Episode 4
- The LAST Satanism Today Audio CD Episode Sampler
- The LAST Etched Baphomet Flask (40 of 40)
- German Satanic Essays Hardcover
- Church of Satan Interview DVD
- Baphomet Coffee Mug
- T-Shirts, CDs, Books ... and more!

Do not pass these up, you will never have another chance at some of these items again! Make sure to add these items to your watch list on eBay so you do not miss them!



From Hell,

Magister Frost

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