This was the only place I could think of posting this thread; I know it has been discussed and I have looked into as much as possible however I am just getting no feedback/communication on the current situation.

I ordered my HKP Medallion over a month now, CoS Emporium tracking states the order is still pending and the money has been taken out of my account. I left an email through the CoS Emporium website about 2 weeks ago and have had no response, from what I understand, the guy who runs CoS Emporium is extremely busy as he does many other things and that there is a shortage of stock at the moment. Apologies if I'm wrong on that, but it would be great if someone who works with CoS Emporium could tell me of the situation and when I could expect my order; I'm certain there are many others who are probably waiting for orders too; I myself just haven't had any direct response on the matter.

I don't particularly want to buy my Medallion from somewhere else since it'll just be some cheap copy, I don't mind the wait for the proper Church of Satan certified Medallion, would just like to know when.

Thank you^^
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