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Perhaps you folks doth stomp and scream and complain too often

I tried to word that post as politely as possible as I'm more concerned that my emails were not received (spam filters, etc), and I wanted to post it here to confirm. I see nothing in my original post or the one after me that could be called "Stomping and Screaming". Merely informing the Admins of a possible problem.

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demanding paid access without providing worthy contributions as to why you should have said access

I am demanding nothing, I am asking if I've left out some step in the system. I have paid for access to the VIP section which I have recieved, and am a CoS member, these are to my memory the only requirements for access to the downstairs, that and an email I've sent a few times to the emails concerned. I was unaware that anyone had to provide a "Worthy Contribution" in addition to that. May I ask what sort of contribution you think I should have made?