Let me attempt to describe what I see in terms I understand. I may be incorrect of course, but it is MY interpretation.

In the movie "Finding Nemo," I believe, there is a group of gulls that see a meal and drone " Mine! Mine! Mine!"

In an effort to consolidate several systems linked together into a cohesive unit that share compatible protocols, several subroutines are taken offline. The users of those sub routines are inconvenienced to the extreme, causing an uproar of user requests to correct the problem.

Filtering through those requests to find valid information needed to complete the conversion is very time consuming, and detracts from the original mission of having a cohesive unit that can efficiently process those requests...

This is only my stray thought I took several minutes to write. What effort might you contribute?

Listen and look, as there is more going on here than I can answer. You have CoS Member under your name, I may never have one.