You'll have to forgive me, but your words are a bit classier than what I can readily understand. You've been very kind to educate me about the workings of LttD and its systems, I hope you'll be kind enough to write one more explanatory post, for a fellow Coloradoan?

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In the movie "Finding Nemo," I believe, there is a group of gulls that see a meal and drone " Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Sorry I'm asking you to explain even that, but am I one of the seagulls? Am I really acting a thieving magpie just by asking if my emails have gone askew? Or is Atreus out of line to politely mention that he hasn't received a paid service for 9 months of payment? I suspect I'm misreading your Finding Nemo reference, I am much more like Dori (Ellen's funny fish) in that I'm utterly ignorant of what's going on before my eyes here.

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In an effort to consolidate several systems linked together into a cohesive unit that share compatible protocols, several subroutines are taken offline. The users of those sub routines are inconvenienced to the extreme, causing an uproar of user requests to correct the problem.

So, in order to work on the upgrades, the member's section access routine has been deactivated? Clearly you have some sort of insight I lack, either in computer experience or, as you suggested earlier, in helping the Magister out personally. Could you clear that up- Are you an actual bee in the hive, or is it an educated guess? If the access granting doodad is offline, please let me know, then I can rest assured and stop pestering the board and generous Admins with emails wondering if my original emails were received. I'd really hate to be another pin on the pile, so your insight here is most valuable to me.

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Filtering through those requests to find valid information needed to complete the conversion is very time consuming, and detracts from the original mission of having a cohesive unit that can efficiently process those requests...

So someone is looking through the emails to find the info needed? My emails usually contain little more than the basics, but if you think resending my email to High Priestess Nadramia with only the required info (and removing my usual pleases and thankyous) would help her, I'll go ahead and do that. I'm sorry I don't know what you mean about a 'cohesive unit', please rephrase that for me if it's important. Again I thank you for your time in explaining this to me.

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What effort might you contribute? Listen and look, as there is more going on here than I can answer. You have CoS Member under your name, I may never have one.

Here's where I'm really lost. I've listened and looked across the forum for info to help me get downstairs without annoying the kind Admins more than I have already. You suggest you are bound not to answer more specifically, which strikes me as bizarre, everyone here has always been honest and open about forum etiquette and procedure. You go on to remind me that, though I am a CoS member, I am missing something and that though you are not a member, you have learned it. Is there something outside the CoS that I should be looking into? Does your superior insight come from another unspoken source? Is the list of things I can do for Magister Ventrue to earn my place downstairs hidden for the worthy student like so many ancient mysteries?

I can't tell you how much help you've been here already. You have my most sincere gratitude and again I apologize for asking so much of you, but you're clearly in the know and I'm but an average user who doesn't know why his internet isn't working. Won't you please shed some light for an ignorant seagull? Maybe then I can finally find Nemo myself (I really do love Pixar movies).