You've been very kind to educate me about the workings of LttD and its systems

I have no clue how it operates.

am I one of the seagulls?

One person to answer 100's of monotonous cries for help? Yes. In my eyes.

So, in order to work on the upgrades, the member's section access routine has been deactivated?

I would not know as I have no access.

Clearly you have some sort of insight I lack, either in computer experience or, as you suggested earlier, in helping the Magister out personally. Could you clear that up- Are you an actual bee in the hive, or is it an educated guess?

Clearly an uneducated guess, as I have no inside info, only personal observations.

So someone is looking through the emails to find the info needed?

No, of course not. If I were looking for a piece of code to solve a puzzle, having a metric ton of code dropped on my head would not help resolve matters.

You go on to remind me that, though I am a CoS member, I am missing something and that though you are not a member, you have learned it. Is there something outside the CoS that I should be looking into?

I am not recognized as a member on this board. You are not overlooking anything but the obvious.

The moderators of this board I trust are having a good laugh at my expense, yet I was unable to resist.

Is the list of things I can do for Magister Ventrue to earn my place downstairs hidden for the worthy student like so many ancient mysteries?

I would not know. As a new member of this forum I have nothing to offer other than find a seat and hold your tongue.