I have found a video about Satanism on the internet. For the most part I believe it is legitimate, but there was something that I noticed that I’m not familiar with. As per board policy, I won’t post a direct link to the site but rather, I will give an excerpt from the video:

“Many Satanists also understand Satanism in terms of what can be called “Dark Doctrine”. This idea holds that Satan can be thought of as a dark force which permeates and motivates all matter and energy. This is not to be thought of as some spiritual entity, but rather a very real force in nature which exerts its influence on material existence. “

The quote speaks of “Many Satanists”, but I have never heard the term “Dark Doctrine”. I have read the Satanic Bible,as well as other texts, but do not recall ever seeing this term. My question is: is “Dark Doctrine” a real CoS term or was it created elsewhere? I don’t want to adopt a term that hails from a non-credible source.
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