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Watching the Doktor play his beloved keyboards

You enjoyed that? The quality of the video made it sound just awful, and it lasted much too long!


I'm wondering how many others have seen this and what are your views on it?

I did find that one part where a children's show (the name slips my mind) is talking about Anton LaVey and his pet lion to be humorous in it's own devilish ways.

I believe this is also the same video (correct me if I am wrong) where Anton LaVey shows off his custom mannequins he was working on. I enjoyed that bit.

Granted, it is always great to see Anton LaVey interviews and get to see a little sliver of his life. But, the documentary is just poorly done.

This isn't my favorite documentary, but if you're bored enough watch it; it's mildly entertaining. I saw it about 4 years ago and I don't plan on watching it agian.

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