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I like the song that plays at the end credits of the video, does it have a name/can it be found outside this video?

Yes, it's "Mazurka From Masquerade" from the Georges Montalba 1958 album (A Hi-Fi Fantasy in) Pipe Organ and Percussion. This was a recording that got quite a cult following, but was finally released on CD combining that album and the other known Montalba recording, Pipe Organ Favorites. You can usually find it on eBay or buy a downloaded copy from Amazon.com.

It's widely believed that the organ player (or at least one of them) featured is in fact Anton LaVey, especially when you hear the particular phrasing. It wasn't unusual in those days for labels to pay a session musician a flat fee to record some stuff in the studio, then secretly release the recording under some pseudonym. Unfortunately, the moron who released the music on CD couldn't bear to believe that the music he loved could have been made by the founder of the Church of Satan, so he let his self-righteousness get the better of him, and printed some highly bogus liner notes, later debunked by Magistra Blanche Barton.
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