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I recommend going to the IMDB page and boost the ratings

But it's at 6.6 with 66 votes... That's all Satanic n stuff.

More seriously, I loved it. The sound and video quality never occurred to me while watching it and thinking back, I'd say it added to the underground vintage mood. We see so much in that film it's astonishing that it's not part of the canon itself. It's also entertainment for any Satanist the way LOTR was for fans of the books, you see what you read about over and over for ages. SEE the Docktor play calliope! SEE Togare the lion! SEE the original AHCs! SEE the Black House!

I must say the film by any cinematic standards is not at all poorly done. The editing, and editing is 99% of documentary film, is brilliant. Talking heads and Al Gore powerpoint presentations are not documentaries- This was. Agent Moore said it was no Citizen Kane, I'd say it's a solid On the Waterfront, or The Graduate at least. Much better than Satanis.

Napalm Nick also brought up a good point and that's the cult of personality. Few hate LaVey-worship more than I do. Those twits who buy chunks of his bathtub on eBay need to get a friggin life. Indeed the idea of watching a man play music for 15 minutes because I live by his books might sound slightly slightly down that road- IF he weren't really damn good. LaVey is very good. The guy who started this thing of ours was easily worth an hour and a half.

Togare was worth three.