First off, not trying to bug you Magister Ventrue, I understand the CoS Emporium is not your whole life and livelihood and you have other things going on, of course.
And i know the emporium is currently going through changes with the site and all...
But...a lot of things are out of stock now I see, the site is all "wha", so I'm just wondering...when aboots is it gonna be fixed?
Just a rough time estimate?
Honestly the Baphomet medallion, is what I mostly want; the other ones ive found on jewlerly sites are quite unsatisfactory, in quality and of course they aren't as official as I'd like. Plus the canldes that were in the emporium before were quite great and black ones are hard to find.

OKAY, so, yeah, not trying to pester you i swear, but just looking for some update on the Emporium.

Thank you. smile