It occured to me that I originally wrote this review several months back in the books section of the board and figured it'd be suitable to re-post it here as well. I hope my review is an enjoyable read for those who have not read it yet.

The Fire From Within
Nemo on Satanism Volume One

I have just finished reading one of the best books ever written on the subject of Satanism. Magister Nemo is an example to Satanists the world over.

When I first received his book I admit I was a bit skeptical because it appeared to be small and thin, simply not what I am used to when reading a book. Yet Magus Gilmore was speaking the truth in the foreword when he states that we as readers “are in for a rare treat”. Rare treat indeed! If you frequent the message board Letters to the Devil then you know what I am talking about as Nemo has left the board with some of the most thought provoking replies and posts. Here are some chapters that I felt were personally significant to me:

1.) The book opens with Nemo’s essay Recognizing Pseudo-Satanism where he clears up misconceptions between authentic Satanism and the pseudo-satanists that may slip under the radar of those not paying attention. His writing style is flawless and as refreshing to read as it was the first time I read this essay on the Church of Satan’s official web-site. Truly an important essay not to be over looked!

2.) His second chapter, The Purpose of Life was one of the most inspirational essays that spoke directly to my life. In this chapter you will get a sense of just how vital it is to have fun in life. I admit this chapter was a real eye opener for me and caused me to sit back and re-examine my life and ask some serious questions. This chapter holds significant importance for me and I am sure many others have and will continue to benefit from reading it.

3.) The Devil You Say? was an absolute pleasure to read. It was hilariously accurate and offers perspective from a third sided angle that I have not yet honestly considered. It offers a teaching of what it means to behind your own eyes. WWSD?

4.) While I have dabbled in Greater Magic and have done my fair share of ritual experimentation as laid out in The Satanic Bible I still look for new avenues to explore and implement. Magister Nemo explores very important concepts in his book on the subject of sorcery but the one chapter that I enjoyed the most was, Whose There. There are unknown aspects to Satanic Ritual and Magister Nemo is well experienced in exploring them. This chapter speaks of it.

5.) If Satanism were a map and it gave you direct routes to you goals, wants, and desires in life, would you give a damn if anybody else read or used it? Nemo offers insight as to just why Satanism is a religion for the individual and not of the masses in his chapter Self-Sufficiency and Satanism. I personally enjoyed this chapter because there are ways to implement Satanism in life and nobody knows your own life better than you!

6.) Finally the chapter that broke me into tears and truly gave rare insight into the kind of man Anton LaVey was, I Remember The Doctor. This chapter though short captured the personality, depth, and wisdom of just who Anton LaVey was. He was a man of mystery, depth, kindness, and a real showman!

I felt Nemo’s entire book was good but these were just some of the chapters I enjoyed the most as they spoke to me.

If there is even a spark of the Black Flame within you then Nemo’s book will truly rekindle that spark into a dynamic force of a furnace!


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