"On Guts, Glory, and Going Out With a Bang", by Joel Peterson

The debut novella from Citizen Joel Peterson (aka. "The Degenerate") "On Guts, Glory, and Going Out With a Bang" is an interesting work of action-packed Science Fiction, and a great starting point to his series titled "The Polaris Account"

It takes place in a dystopian society dominated by crazy lunatics infected by a virus that drives people to reckless insanity, where "Janitors" are sent out to ruthlessly swipe the scum off the streets. Main character Caleb Lang, a jaded misanthropic ex-janitor, enters the picture on a mission to pursue Seth Fremont; a former Janitor turned terrorist madman that is on a mission to wreak havoc on Nexus and "go out with a bang".

While I won't reveal too many details of this work, because I'd suggest for you to check it out and read it for yourself, I would say that it's certainly lays a good foundation for what could be a solid series of Sci-Fi from the Satanic perspective. I think that a sequel or a prequel might be beneficial in covering some more detailed accounts of the characters' personalities, past experiences, and what helped shape their present state of being.

The way I interpret it, I can see influences from a wide range of works, from writers such as Orwell and Lovecraft, and even movies such as "Blade Runner" and "Escape From New York". Whether my perceptions are off base or not doesn't matter, as I still find "On Guts, Glory, and Going Out With a Bang" enjoyable.

In closing, I'd suggest for you to check this out. I hope it leaves you looking forward to what's next in the series, as it did with myself.