Hi all.

I'll be completely honest when I say I've never read the Satanic bible. I've only come across the CoS website recently, googling "Satanism" out of curiosity. I read the 9 Satanic Statements, the Eleven Satanic Rules of Earth, etc which is the basics of it. But I'm well aware that to fully grasp the concept of it all I need to read the bible itself and the other books.

But from reading the various articles on the site, and a few of the posts in here I'm fascinated with it all and I agree with it all so far.

You see, I've never even HEARD of the Church of Satan being an actual religion. I've even read a few times (don't ask me where, I've long forgotten) that it isn't considered an actual religion, but as some evil deity in Christianity, and other kinds of literature.

So it really blew me away when I came across the CoS website. And a lot of what I've gathered in my mind over time resonates with Satanism.

Anyway, I live in Australia and as far as I know there is little knowledge about the CoS. I'm not even sure if they sell the Satan bible down here, but I'll definitely enquire about it.

So basically, I'm just here to browse and learn whatever I can in the time being. Please don't ban me because I have lesser knowledge than the rest of you. You probably fear that I may get annoying, if I comment on stuff that I know nothing about. But I'll do my best not to get in the way.