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Well thanks the support and the advice guys.

I've researched other stuff before. I was born into an Atheist family that rejects any sort of religious beliefs but it got me a little curious so I read the Christian bible and for a while there I had an interest in Metaphysics/New Age. While some of it made sense, I could recognise a few flaws in it.

One thing that stood out was the "unconditional love" factor. I put my mind to work and figured out that if you were selfless and "forgave" people who have done you wrong, you're basically laying down and taking it in the ass. You become a slave to them by letting them take advantage of you and use you. I honestly believe this "unconditional love" crap was put in place to brainwash people into letting people have control over them easily.

From what I have read so far regarding Satanism, it seems... perfect. So I'll definitely be purchasing a copy of TSB. And what other sorts of literature I can get my hands on.

I'd also recommend Satan Speaks! too. Without a doubt, an eye-opening book.
- Jeffery