Whenever a Google search lists a result from Yahoo! Answers, I check it out, if only for the amusement of reading the poorly-written questions and answers. Of course, the same errors can lead one to despair over the state of our language. Call it "writter's disgust."

It's almost incomprehensible just how simple some of the questions are, as well as how irrelevant some of the "answers" are.

Reverend, your contributions are oases in a -- what's drier than a desert?

I agree with TrojZyr's comment about the potential for educating the right people in such an intellectually barren environment. If you didn't answer these questions, someone else, almost definitely less qualified, would.

The only point missing from your answers, in my opinion, is that santics are born, not made!
Between the Horns: a Devil's Point of View

“When Satan offers the brimming cup of life and happiness, in all this world of fasting mankind, is there one being of sanity strong enough, where sanity is so rare, to receive all this without giddiness, without intoxication, without a risk of losing self control?” -Jules Michelet