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It is one way to kill a half hour. I get into a snit and do it rabidly for a few days and then not again for 8 or 9 months.

It can certainly be addictive, especially when you feel like you're on a roll. I admittedly "binge" like that from time to time, especially over in the math section. Though I've had some productive off-site talk too with some of the top-10 folks who know their stuff.

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Yahoo! Answers seems to have a filter that keeps out the majority of intelligence, combined with some sort of hi-tech *stupid magnet* that attracts top quality "dumb".

Answer forums such as Y!A seem to significantly attract the kind of people who insist on asking the nearest human being for answers before they at least try figuring it out on their own. As we say in the engineering world, "RTFM!"

The real tragedy is that yahoo.com itself IS a search engine. So there are lots of questions that could be answered with a 5 second search on the internet, but instead come from people who were either too incompetent or clueless to just scroll to the top of the page and do so. Though I think it's equally silly when somebody answers a question, and cites a rival site like Google as their source.

(Never mind searching Yahoo Answers itself to see if the same question has already been posted and answered there. For example, "Why is the sky blue?" has already been asked there literally over 3,000 times. That sure doesn't stop new people from asking, though.)
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