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I'm reasonably certain that Yahoo Answers has a higher percentage of trolls than other answer forums, but the sheer amount of genuine stupidity is mind boggling.

Sometimes it's really hard to tell one from the other. In fact, I've never seen a forum where it was more ambiguous. For example, a new-comer who thinks he's really witty will post "Is the earth really round? I think it's flat." Then after reading all the hateful replies, he says "Hey, I was obviously kidding! What's wrong with you?" Then it has to be explained to the person that we honestly couldn't tell, because some people really DO post things that ARE that stupid, and with complete sincerity.

This is when I first heard of the term Poe's Law: "Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing." You have to lay the sarcasm on REALLY thick there to make a joke come across as a joke.
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