THE DEVIL'S SOAPBOX by Frederick Madden

It is difficult to know where to start with a book like "The Devil's Soapbox" not because it is theoretically challenging or because it's purposely confounding. In fact, "The Devil's Soapbox" is a straight on charge into enemy lines with hypocrisy and quackery centered in its cross hairs.

No, the reason it's challenging to review is because of the sheer breadth of topics that are covered in such a concise diatribe. Frederick Madden covers everything from paranormal activity to exercises in sensory enhancement and even an examination of the Star Wars mythos. And this is just a small sampling. "The Devil's Soapbox" is certainly an apropos title as the structure of the book is loose and first-person. Woe be to those who would stand at the witness stand of Mr. Madden's unabashed and unapologetic judgement! Frederick Madden spares no sympathy for many human groupings whose time has come to stand trial. He shreds sickly vegans, new agers, underachieving youth, trite sloganists, media-driven hysterics, wiccans, and even the lowering standards within military brass. In summation, Frederick Madden is defiantly uncompromising in his attack on stupidity and mediocrity. In the same breath, he also proposes some draconian ideas regarding prisoners, illegal immigrants, prisoners of war, and overpopulation that are sure to galvanize readers. This is counter-balanced with prudent suggestions on foreign aid and how to curb wanton animal cruelty.

Will you agree with everything said? Probably not. Does Frederick Madden care? Probably not. Whatever the case may be, you will understand why it's called "The Devil's Soapbox" when you read it.

-Darren D
I woke up this mornin. Heard a knock upon my door. And I said, "Hello Satan. I believe it's time to go." - Robert Johnson