I purchased and received High Priest Gilmore's book The Satanic Scriptures some time ago and have read it quite a few times.

It is of course a beautiful looking book and a lovely thing just to flick through and browse.

However, it certainly has an important purpose as far as I am concerned and that is to very clearly and concisely establish what Satanism is and is not and what the Church of Satan is all about.

I love this book. One just gets a very strong sense that High Priest Gilmore knows exactly what he is talking about and knows it so well, from his years of experience, that he can present it in the simplest and clearest possible language, so there can be no misunderstanding if the reader is capable of reading and at least has a touch of intelligence.

This is a book of policy and personal interest and conviction, in my opinion. High Priest Gilmore seems to me to be deeply and personally committed to ensuring the continuity and integrity of Dr. LaVey's work and the continuation of the COS as a great organisation. His book should be read in that light I think.

I highly recommend this book and I just hope High Priest Gilmore will publish again shortly.