Wow, I'm surprised you guys don't know. They have a sarcasm mark, very cleverly named the SarcMark

They tossed around the idea of an upside down exclamation point, but ended up with the curly Q.

I'm also surprised Magister Ventrue hasn't created his own version of this, and added it to his sites.

Since I posted, I'll add...
To Reverend Bill_M,
This post is very funny.
I love the red Devil Ducky, on your Y!A profile. laugh
I'd say more, but when it comes to you Bill_M, it's hard to improve on perfection. wink

Have fun writing with Sarcasm, the Internet can understand. devilchili
Hail Satin (Sheets and rubber Devil Ducks)
"...And the truth that makes us laugh, will make you cry!"
"...Porcelain in a paper cup world."
~Almost Alice~