On the longest day of the year as each day here-after leads us further and further into the darkness of autumn and winter … we celebrate the reopening of the CoS Emporium WebStore. After a long restructuring and rebuild of the company and the website, we are finally able to open once again for business.

This new software is fully functional and ready to go, the only thing you will need to do is create a new account. All previous Emporium customers who had accounts on the old system will also need to create new accounts. The data from the older version was not compatible with this new system.

As you browse around the site you will notice that the number of products is much lower than we use to carry … this is being fixed, as each day moves on, we will be adding new products to the site. Some of these products will be old favorites of yours, like the HKP Baphomet Medallions, and others will become new favorites, like the new line of Baphomet Clothing from a professional fashion designer. Slowly, the strength of the Emporium product line will return, sadly, it just takes time (starting over is never easy). So please check the website regularly for the new products you are waiting for, or if you have an account on Satannet’s Undercroft, we will post constant updates there.

If you have any questions or issue with the site, please feel free to contact us (via the contact us option) and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

We would like to thank everyone for you


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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