Several products have just been “returned” to the CoS Emporium!

Now available on the CoS Emporium: All HKP Baphomet Medallions (1.75”, 1.0”, and the 1.25 Pin Back). Also both the Black Flame #15 and #16 have returned as well.

Quantities are currently limited in order to make sure everything is working as planned, so if you have been looking for one of these items lately, don’t delay! Once the quantities will be restocked once I am sure everything is working as it should be.

Also for all you International Customers (Non-USA), International Shipping is now available again. All domestic tests have been run and the Emporium is now open to all customers!

As with anything, if you have any problems at all please send me an email using the contact us form on the CoS Emporium Website!

From Hell,

Magister Frost

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- The Church of Satan Emporium