Hi there. Does anybody know where or who makes today the COS SIGIL RINGS ?, some time ago they used to be made by ACTION DESIGNS. You can have an idea of what ring am I referring to if you watch a Not Like Most magazine, on its first page.."about the publisher"..you can see a picture of Rev. Matt G. Paradise wearing one. In fact some old issues of Not Like Most used to have the comercial add on its pages..but ACTION DESIGNS erased its footprints..

All I have been able to find is a japanesse link called TERRITORY Gothic Occult Alternative Site Portal at www.territory-d.com

So please, if somene knows where or who, share your info.
"Most people are perfectly content ignoring the shadow that hides behind their eyes. They surround themselves with light, pretending that this can chase away even the darkness they carry within. when these people encounter darkness outside of themselves, they hate it and they run from it because it reminds them of the darkness they are hiding from inside themselves. There is never any reolution or balance for these people, because they refuse to accept that the shadow is even part of them." Michelle Belanger

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious" Carl Jung

"Embracing the darkness is embracing freedom" Corvis Nocturnum