::closing back cover::

Well, what a read. (got it from Amazon.com)

One usually picks up a book anticipating to find a bit here and a tad there of gold nuggets, but Eureka! This is the mother lode!

There are volumes that could be written on each chapter.

When I first came to this site, I really didn't have the slightest clue of what Satanism is about; I had a "gut" feeling, but nothing more.

Always the "outsider", not understanding and never being understood, I tried to fit in.

Now, as I read, things are falling into place. Living a lie, taught by liers. Sad truth is, they are not very good at it. Once you start blowing away the smoke.

Pages 48 and 49 are stimulating!

So, CofS Clergy, be forewarned!

Next Sunday, somewhere between the Songs of Worship to the Dark Master, and the collection of Tithes (which consists of the bones we are *forced* to dig out of graves for you, "or else"); just before you do that funny looking chicken walk in glorious praise to Satan....as you go to sit down on the Great Throne (encrusted with glitter and skulls)... Watch were you sit, (my boys own woopie cushions)... the congregraion *just* might get a laugh... err.... huh??

<<inaudible whisper>>

I am not allow to say, what?

<<inaudible whisper while pointing to stairs>>

Oh, I am sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't allow to mention our Sunday School worship in the black building behind the Masonic Temple....my bad!

>>brick flying<<


I am not white because I shine; nor dark because I follow Him. I am Human.

bumper sticker I saw - God, please save me from your followers