About a year or so ago I ordered the regular sized Baphomet medallion, and it took about a month to arrive.

A few months ago I ordered the one inch black Baphomet medallion and it took about three weeks to get here.

So if your order hasn’t arrived in a month or so then you might want to contact someone about it.

The quality of these two items is far superior to anything else that I have ordered from online or have seen in stores.

After getting the regular sized one, I found it to be just too large for my taste since my intent was to wear it regularly, at least for awhile.

The one inch size however is perfect for me. It’s small enough not to poke anyone’s eyes out, but just large enough to be noticeable if anyone cares to take a second to glance at it. It is something that I feel comfortable enough with to wear to work as a nurse, without feeling as I may be offending anyone’s “Sensibilities.” (Note: I do not work in a hospital, but a group home where my coworkers know me as a bit acentric so there is no real friction regarding my choices in jewelry or clothing. However if anyone from the outside was to visit and I believed that wearing the baphomet would cause them unease then I would put it inside of my shirt. I feel that’s basic consideration for my employer who doesn’t need any flack. I’m there to earn a living after all and not to make a personal statement.)

Just want to add that I am a male, and the one inch sigil is still suitable. I will enclose a picture sometime for those who might care to see what it looks like.

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