Order arrived this morning, had a bit of a laugh at the "Australia Customs" sticker stuck on the back to mark that the package had been opened and checked on coming into the country.

The small one inch medallion is perfect in size, I'll try and upload some pictures of reference when I get my camera going. I've found that the piece really only 'works' when wearing a small chain, as it looks best at clavicle (collar bone) height. The detail to such a discrete piece is simply amazing.

I ordered three full size medallions: red and black on silver metal, red on black metal and green on black metal. The detail is again... amazing. I was surprised to see that the black metal's 'blackness' has a more shinier tinge to it, so under some lights it doesn't seem black, but just like an ordinary metal. By no means a complaint, but an observation. I personally love the look.