I just had a suggestion to make, I am not sure if this has been suggested before.

It seems to happen a few times a year when there is a large number of new people on the site; the CoS Questions forum getting spammed with needless commentary from non-members who have no authority to be answering questions, etc.

Has it ever been discussed to improve the disclaimer in some way? Like, restricting users to ONLY creating topics, or replying to topics that they themselves have created only? Under the description, while it is clearly stated that only CoS Hierarchy members may respond, it might also be much more clear if there were a different font size, or capitilzation, or even a different color font in place (red) to make sure that people see it before they enter the forum?

Just curiosities of mine. I know I'm not the one who has to deal with it and delete or respond to these posts, but it seems like the mods jobs could be made easier if a script was in place, or a font changed to be more apparent.