One thing I don't get is the Intro forum. It served its purpose but got overrun by civilian police and bloody arguments and I'm guessing that's why it got axed. But all that's happened without it is the same problems spilled out on to the general discussion forum. I'd love to see an intro forum with the same restriction as the questions forum, introduce yourself but only hierarchy can reply and tell you to read the SB again, no idiots with two posts telling you to go soak your head.

But I'm guessing in 10 years all things have been considered. The board is most likely exactly how the powers at be want it to be.

That said I'd also like a nature/science forum, a forum strictly for lolcats, who's online and links back, more politics, more humor, and a button that plays a drum rimshot that you can click when you make a joke. And I'd like to ban the following users................