The "Mutual Admiration Society" is something Anton LaVey touted for years, which was basically a code word for something our parents taught us.

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Since many COS members spend a lot of their time (myself included) on websites like Facebook and MySpace, putting a public face on Satanism would seem to be a positive goal, not only for the particular person who is posting, but for the Church of Satan as an organization.

Recently I noticed one of our members make a post that another COS member tried to add them as a friend, which is a nice gesture for the most part, the "Satanic friend collector" syndrome notwithstanding. The extended olive branch was met with public mockery, scorn and derision for no reason at all and quickly regressed into a nasty, gossipy and spiteful thread about the COS member who had done nothing at all to warrant this kind of immaturity and hateful wrath.

I thought that was the most childish and mean thing I had seen in a long time from supposed adults, no less the "Alien Elite", especially when there was no reason for it at all.

Did I not get the memo that says that it's all right for "lesser people" in this organization to decide who other "lesser people" are just to inflate their impoverished egos by making other people feel terrible about themselves?

I'm not here to be anyone's Dad or to police anybody, but I will say that as someone who has spent years supporting this organization and the people in it publically and privately, I am absolutely disgusted by the "Satanism By Example" that I see on these sites by a handful of insecure people.

Maybe some of these insecure people should take a good, hard and honest look in the mirror and really evaluate their own importance in the grand scheme of things and wonder if the people that they delight in mocking in public might not have feelings of their own too. Degrading people in a junior high school level creates nothing more than a caste system that looks more like a fanboys bickering at a Star Trek convention. Utterly pathetic in my book.

If someone offers you a friend add and you don't wish to be friends, politely decline it, no explanation needed.

To belittle other COS members in public only succeeds in making yourself look very, very small and shows others in the arena just how little that means.

Grow up.

Reverend Moore