I ordered mine a 1.75 medallion Black and Royal Purple, was exactly 7 days ago today and I got the quick shipping option or at least I think so as a $5 some thing extra. But I will admit I am very excited and awaiting with baited breath, these look so lovely and extremely well done. And by the pictures I seen in this thread...large and durable in appearance which I like my jewelry with a meaty look and with some actual weight. I am in the desolate miserable state of Indiana, so I am not sure when to expect it, though every day I look with giddy excitement. I am going to also get a 1" medallion as well some day down the road, some thing a little more reclusive and appropriate as I work normally in the Security field though...atm jobs are nearly non existent where I am and it is extremely irritating.

Atm a "Completed" is on my order status on CoS Emporium, ALSO...the "Contact Us" in the Emporium, I fill out everything and fill in the security numbers and hit send, but it states that I must contact the Admin. So I take it there are still bugs in the new system at the Emporium, oh well that is to be expected. I sent a message to Magister Frost on the matter in the Undercroft before I joined up here as well, times are busy busy so I will await word or the day my medallion comes in and try not to bug the crap out of people haha.

**And I must add, my questions on the general subject of my purchase and so on have been answered by my reading of this thread. How convenient!**

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