This article and ethical debate was originally referred to my by serving police officer's here in Australia. To my expectations, their direct, methodical and un-bias logic forced the 'ethical dilemma' question of this charity to be blown out of the water.

For one, a point that is seldom systematically digested by the critics... the suffering of children. It is far too easy to jump the gun here and form your own bias and views on what we think is "right" or "wrong", UNTIL you are actually physically and emotionally involved with the REAL victims of this most heinous act (act, being the birth of children by druggies). This is something that the founder of Project Prevention had gone through. I can remember a documentary done on her that aired in Australia a couple of years ago, and it involved her talking about her own history with drug addicted babies as an adoptive parent. Barbara Harris experienced first hand, the effect of drug addicted mother's popping out kids, one after the other, usually because they couldn't keep their leg's together or they sold themselves for drugs.

By that notion, I would argue that critics of Project Prevention that refute their work on "Ethical" grounds, come forward to chat to Barbara. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to take them to a stroll through either a hospital or foster home that's caring for babies and children that are suffering the effects of drug withdrawal.

One thing I did find interesting about Project Prevention was the support of several christian priests (take a look at the board of directors page).
I, myself have had dealings with many Catholic and Anglican priests in my time. Some were fucking idiots that I wouldn't bother wasting another second talking to, and others were probably the nicest and most logical individual's I've ever known, and still talk to on a monthly basis. You take them as you meet them.

Sure, have the expectation that they've all gained wisdom and philosophy from the bible, but that's not to say that they can't think for themselves. Remember... individual church's are very subjective in their proceedings based solely on what the priest says the "go is". This is why some people will go to different churches, even if they are of the same branch. It really does come down to personalities on this. And it's by this that I would like to believe why there are priests involved with Project Prevention.

This isn't a religious issue, it's a common-fucking-sense issue. I'm glad to see a smart, select few leaders of Christianity step up and do what's ethically right here.