Thank you for the response Magister Frost.

I double checked my spam filter - both on my e-mail server and in my e-mail client and nothing is being blocked. The e-mails don't seem to be sending at all. I used to receive the notification e-mails with no trouble at all - but for some reason they stopped.

In another effort to remedy this issue - I attempted to change the e-mail address in my profile to a new e-mail address, and received a message on my profile page stating that I would receive an e-mail to confirm this change - however I haven't receive the confirmation e-mail either.

Hopefully I'm not doing something wrong - but if I am, my apologies in advance.

I didn't know if anyone else had experienced this issue or if the notification e-mails were working fine for everyone else.

Thank you,

Hail Satan!
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My suggestion to you, besides obtaining a copy of The Satanic Bible and reading it, is to immerse yourself in the information contained at the Church of Satan website.

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You can't guzzle whiskey and pinch pretty ladies' asses when you're dead.

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Love life. Live life. Don't fuck with people unnecessarily. Don"t let other people fuck with you. Simple guidelines that that will help you to make informed, intelligent and Satanic decisions.

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Constructive criticism is one thing but people that just point blank tell others what they should be doing with their lives without any kind of permission can eat a bag of hairy balls.