I just received mine today after about a month, I live in the USA...and it is absolutely beautiful. The black is deepest rich black with a lovely rich royal purple in the goat, I initially was going to get black on black until my girlfriend mentioned black with royal purple and it intrigued me and I am so glad I chose these colors.

It is very smooth and polished to perfection, the detail is sharp and magnificent! The 1.75 diameter appeals to me as you can feel the weight along your neck as I am a burly powerlifting type, I am amazed and in love with this work of exquisite art and am sure to covet it!

Shipping may take a while from your order date etc, but extremely worth the wait! I will order again and this time with ease of patience, perhaps a smaller version and also a few more colors in the 1.75.

Thank you COSEmporium,Evening Eclipse and Hells Kitchen!

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