The Devil's Guitar by Sonny Bellavance.

It has taken me a few listens before I feel I can offer a perspective on this.

I must say I still don't feel wholly qualified.

For the first few listens I can only say I was too distracted by the musical virtuosity to properly enjoy the music itself. Sonny's mastery of this flamenco/classical style is impressive to say the least.

Musically there is a medieval tone to the compositions that I find both relaxing and thought provoking.

There are many musical styles that I can sit and write to. With The Devil's Guitar I do find that I can't do that. I find myself stopping everything and just sitting in a kind of trance.

Some of the titles are deceptive in a way. I couldn't help thinking some of the composotions on the CD would sit perfectly in one of the Spaghetti Westerns.

I am trying to think how I would sum it up. There is too much depth in the music to do that simply. I can only say, I suppose, there is just such beauty in the music. And it should just be enjoyed for no other reason than that.

Once you get over been blown away by some of Sonny's fretwork, that is. Seriously, you have to get past that before you just sit and absorb the experience of the music itself.
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