So I would like to point out that I applaud the emporium on making such wonderful pendants. However I would also like to point out that the last time I purchased an medallion it took several months... (i live in Fremont, Ohio: AKA little mexico) and well i received my product 3 months time frame. I am not sure whether this is normal but it would seem that from these posts that this is quite abnormal...

After acquiring my product it didnt seem too long for the color in the pendant to fade and dis-color. My uncle who is wearing it now obtained my dis-colored white baphomet pendant from the emporium. I am not sure whether they were meant for various weather conditions as I never took it off... but I would just like to mention that my experiences with the emporium havent been what i'd expected.

I am not trying to bash the emporium as i see a lot of value on the things that are offered there...but rather recalling an experience of mine that hasnt been what i expected.

All in all the quality of the product that I initially received was amazing. I didnt have anything to complain about as it was just the right size as what i'd like in a pendant.